Dr. Jirapa Chalatharawat

NAME     : Dr. Jirapa Chalatharawat

Present Position        : Lecturer

Bachelor of Accountancy
College of Industrial Technology and Management
Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya

TEL             : +6681 817 3349

EMAIL         : jirapa.h@rmutsv.ac.th

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting), Mahasarakham University, Thailand.
  • Master Business Administration (Accounting), Sripatum University, Thailand.
  • Bachelor Business Administration (Money and Banking), Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand.
Teaching Experience
  • Accounting Research Method
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics for Professional Accountant
  • English for Accounting
  • International Business
Research Interests
  • Internal Control and Internal Auditing
  • The Competency of Professional Accountants
  • Business Organization
Academic performance
  • Chalatharawat, Jirapa. (2015). “Household Accounting of People in Tambon Thong  Nien, Khanom District, Nakhonsithammarat Province,” Proceeding of the 15th International Conference on Communication Management and Information Technology (ICCMIT), Prague, Czech Republic, April 20-22 2015. (P.25)
  • Chalatharawat, Jirapa. (2012). “Factors Influencing the Company’s Success of Food Manufacturing Firms in Thailand,” Proceeding of International Journal of Arts and Sciences Annual Conference (IJAS), Aix-en-Provence, France, May 22-25 2012. (P.125-131)