Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information System

             Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information System (edition 2017) was improved from the curriculum edition 2012. It has been using from the first semester of academic year 2017

1. Program Name

               English          :  Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information System

2. Degree Name

               Full Name (English)     :  Bachelor of Business Administration  (Business Information System)
               Abbreviated Name (English)          :  B.B.A. (Business Information System)

3. Number of credits

               At least 134 credits

4. Career Opportunities

  • Database Manager
  • Business Information System Developer
  • Website Developer
  • Freelance

5. Program Philosophies and Rationale

  • Program Philosophy

               Students are supported to increase their skills in database management, business information system development and web application development in business and also to enhance teamwork skills, virtue, morals, professional ethics and corporate social responsibility

  • Significance

               A change in the digital economy and social system with technology applied aside from other technical support work. However, the technology has changed in combination with the whole person's life, including the change in the model structure of the economic activity. The production process of management and social processes that result in a business change. Education is necessary to be aware of the potential development of the people in Information technology and communications. To develop people who are ready to enter the technology era can be used as a key tool to drive the economic and social development of the country. So The business information system is a science that learns about the application and the creation of modern information technology innovations and develops personnel in technology to meet the labor market, to support the functioning of the public and private sector effectively. This technology helps analyse and design the system. The development of the system, including the management of information, is critical to driving the business, who graduates can have a vast profession in both public and private sectors.

6. Objective

               To produce graduates with the following qualifications:


  • Virtue , morals and professional ethics, respect, appropriateness and good citizenship. 
  • Knowledge in business information systems, both theoretical and practical and know how to apply it properly.
  • Creativity, knowledgeable and can easily adapt to constantly changing technology.
  • Good human relations and have the ability to work with others, a good team player with good attitude.
  • Ability to communicate, present work,  and use information technology effectively.

7. Admission Requirements

  • Students who graduated in Vocational Certificate (Voc. Cert.) or high school in any program or.
  • Students who graduated in High Vocational Certificate (High Vocational Certificate) in Information System , Business Computer, Computer Programming, Information Technology and Computer Technology
  • Both 1 and 2 must have other qualifications according to the regulations of Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya on undergraduate education

8. How to apply 

  • Quota system
  • Entrance examination
  • Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS)

9. Tuition Fees

                122,610 Bath/Complete Program

10. Admission Period

  • 4 years (Regular Program)
  • 2 Years (Transfer Program)

Curriculium (PDF)

  • ​​B.B.A. (Business Information System)