Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management

             Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management is a course that complies with the mission of Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya by producing graduates with knowledge, skills and expertise in management profession to meet the needs of domestic and international labor markets and to promote creative learning by supporting the production of research and academic services and developing business management on a variety of social contexts.  By encouraging participants to have an integrated concept, it can be synthesized with a rational academic principle and can adapt to any business situation. To constantly develop and sustain the arts, culture, and environment, it is the goal of the university to enhance the development of the course.

1. Program Name

               English          :  Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Management

2. Degree Name

               Full Name (English)     :  Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)
               Abbreviated Name (English)          :  B.B.A. (Management)

3. Number of credits

               At least 134 credits

4. Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • Secretary/General Administration Officer
  • Private Enterprise Officer/Project Analysis Officer
  • Academics of Management
  • Independent Occupation

5. Program Philosophies and Rationale

               Capable of producing graduates with expert knowledge and management skills. The virtue of morality and social responsibility

6. Objective

               To produce graduates with the following qualifications:

  • Honesty, good morals, integrity and professional ethics that are valuable for the duties to the society and the nation.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to perform modern office management tasks.
  • Language and communication skills, and can use information technology for Office applications effectively.
  • Ability to gather information and analyze data to ensure proper and efficient management decisions.
  • Have human relations Leadership and ability to work as a team.

7. Admission Requirements

  • Students who graduated in Vocational Certificate (Voc. Cert.) or Mattayomsuksa 6 in any program or
  • Students who graduated in High Vocational Certificate (High Vocational Certificate) in any program

8. How to apply 

  • Quota system
  • Entrance examination
  • Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS)

9. Tuition Fees

                122,610 Bath/Complete Program

10. Admission Period

                4 years

Curriculium (PDF)