Bachelor of Accountancy

             Bachelor of Accountancy was improved to satisfy the needs of business and society of the country by determining to produce graduates who have knowledge in accounting, be able to integrate knowledge from theory into practice, have working skills and solving the problems effectively, be able to use technology, get core values, have  academic and professional ethics, and have corporate social responsibility to determine the needs of the organization, both public and private sectors.

1. Program Name

               English          :  Bachelor of Accountancy

2. Degree Name

               Full Name (English)     :  Bachelor of Accountancy
               Abbreviated Name (English)          :  B.Acc.

3. Number of credits

               Credits not less than 136 credits

4. Career Opportunities

  • Accountant / Head of Accounting and Budget Planning
  • Accounting auditor
  • Accounting and taxation teacher
  • Accounting system planner
  • Accounting Programmer

5. Program Philosophies and Rationale

               To produce graduates who have professional knowledge and skills, morality, virtues, professional ethics and social responsibility.

6. Objective

  • Produce graduates with ethics, discipline and honesty, hard working, have a sense of professional ethics and responsibility for society and nation.
  • Production of accounting graduates with professional knowledge and skills and accounting information according to  the needs of business and society.
  • Produce graduates with the ability to work in accounting professional related to the Accounting Profession Act BE 2547.
  • Produce graduates who have responsibility and human relations, creative and have a habit of researching and improving themselves.
  • Produce graduates who have rational criteria and able to solve problems and make decisions efficiently.

7. Admission Requirements


  • Regular Program: High School and Equivalent Level :
    • Science-Mathematics Program
    • Arts-Math Program
    • Vocational Certificate in Accounting
  • Transfer Program :
    • High Vocational Certificate in Accounting

8. How to apply 

  • Portfolio
  • School record (GPA)
  • Interviews
  • Knowledge test

9. Tuition Fees

  • 12,000 Baht/semester
  • 6,000 Baht / summer course

10. Admission Period

  • Regular Program: 4 years
  • Transfer Program: 2 years

Curriculium (PDF)