Bachelor of Arts Program in Hotel and Tourism

1. Program Name

               English          :  Bachelor of Arts Program in Hotel and Tourism

2. Degree Name

               Full Name (English)     :  Bachelor of Arts Program (Hotel and Tourism)
               Abbreviated Name (English)          :  B.A. (Tourism Management)

3. Number of credits

               At least 159 credits

4. Career Opportunities

  • Guide
  • Hotel Staff
  • Airline Staff
  • Tour Operation
  • Tourism Developer, Tourism Promoter, Tourism Academic Personnel in public and Private Sector

5. Program Philosophies and Rationale

  • Philosophy

               Students are supported to participate in talent competitions to increase their skills and potential in tourism industry service and build networks with friends in different institutions.

  • Importance

               A current tourism industry has continuously extended and it is important to develop the country because it is the industry which increases tremendous revenue. In each year, labor employment which comes from the tourism industry such as travel guide business, hotel business, food and beverage businesses, transportation business, souvenir business has higher rate. Due to an extension of such industries, it increases high demand of labors. Moreover, the regional economic integration made the agreement to accept qualifications of personnels of tourism profession in ASEAN, labor mobility in ASEAN. This becomes competition in a labor market of national and international tourism industries.  

               Therefore, the Hotel and Tourism Major has improved the program to integrate the relevant science and develop as the modern vocational curriculum. It focuses on theories and practices, ability of foreign communication, ability to use information technology, creativity, and sciences which cover management development planning and services. Students can extend their knowledge to work about operation and management for both public and private agencies appropriately.  

6. Objective

               To produce graduates with the following qualifications:

  • Virtue, ethics, service mind, and social responsibility in accordance with the professional ethics.
  • Knowledge, ability, and expertise of hotel and tourism management, apply theoretical and practical knowledge appropriately.
  • Ability to analyse situations, creative solution, apply knowledge, reason, and consideration when facing situations throughout update changes of globalisation.
  • Good personality, appropriate coordination skill with all people, continuous self-development in knowledge and skills. 
  • Ability of numeral analysis, efficiency of information technology use, foreign language skill, and appropriate cross-cultural communication.

7. Admission Requirements

  • Students who graduated in Vocational Certificate (Voc. Cert.) or Mattayomsuksa 6 in any program or
  • Students who graduated in High Vocational Certificate (High Vocational Certificate) in Hotel or Tourism or Hotel and Tourism
  • Both 1 and 2 must have other qualifications according to the regulations of Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya on undergraduate education

8. How to apply 

  • Quota system
  • Entrance examination
  • Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS)

9. Tuition Fees

                12,000 Baht/ Semester

10. Admission Period

                4 years

Curriculium (PDF)

  • ​​B.A. (Tourism Management)