Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering

             If your dream is to study Electrical Engineering, College of Industrial Technology and Management (CIM) is the best choice for your study and for your future in upper southern zone. CIM’s objectives are to produce highly qualified electrical engineers, who are competent in advanced technology, proficient in Practitioner, and able to manage and carry out research in electrical engineering and technology.

             Our graduates have worked in multinational and global companies both in the private and public sectors. Some were even recognized in professional circles.

Certificate of Regulation from the Electrical Engineering Profession

1. Program Name

               English          :  Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Engineering

2. Degree Name

               Full Name (English)     :  Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) 
               Abbreviated Name (English)          :  B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering)

3. Number of credits

               149 credits

4. Career Opportunities

  • Employees in the workplace, Electrical Engineer
  • Government officials, position in Electrical Engineer
  • Teachers in Vocational/Technical college
  • Private business in Electrical Engineering

5. Program Philosophies and Rationale

  • Philosophy

               This program aims at producing electrical engineers who possess high caliber in control systems both theoretical and practical, knowledge, creativity, and practical skills in the area of electrical engineering, as well as having integrity and ethics.

  • Significance

               The program is developed in order to meet the huge demand for competent electrical engineers in the national and international electrical industry, and to support real-world applications at practice level in electrical engineering both domestically and internationally, which will lead to good contributions to the society.

6. Objective

  • To educate and foster the students to become electrical engineers with knowledge, creativity, development skills, and practical skills in electrical engineering, as well as having integrity and ethics, to be recognized nationally and internationally.
  • To provide a curriculum in electrical engineering which emphasizes hands-on education, with the aim that the students are able to apply the knowledge, the principles, and the techniques in electrical engineering they have learned to develop themselves in their field of specialization at a higher level.
  • To apply electrical engineering for the development of the society.

7. Admission Requirements

  • Students who graduated from Technical College (or other Vocational Education) in Electrical/Electronics or Measurement
  • Students who graduated Matthayomsuksa 6 in Science – Mathematics Program

8. How to apply 

  • Quota system
  • Entrance examination
  • TCAS

9. Tuition Fees

                14,000 Baht/Semester

10. Admission Period

                4 years(8 semesters)

Curriculium (PDF)