Mr. Kongkit Yingchaloenkitkhajorn

NAME     : Mr. Kongkit Yingchaloenkitkhajorn

Present Position                : Lecturer 

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Civil Engineering
College of Industrial Technology and Management
Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya

TEL             : +6687-077-9880

EMAIL         :

  • M.Eng. in Geotechnical Engineering, Chulalonkorn University, Thailand (2013)
  • B.Eng. in Civil Engineering and Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand (2008)
Research Interests
  • Constitutive modelling; Creep model
  • Finite Element Method; Plastic Limit Analysis
  • Bangkok Soft Clay Parameters for Analysis and Design
Academic performance

International Journals, Conferences and Proceedings

  • Yingchaloenkitkhajorn K. and Ukritchon B., (2013), “Finite element analysis of tunnel face stability in Bangkok subsoil”  Proceeding of the 6th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference (ACEC), Bangkok, November 21-22.
  • Yingchaloenkitkhajorn K. and Ukritchon B., (2012), “Three-Dimensional Undrained Tunnel Face Stability in Clay”  Proceeding of the 25th KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, Korea, October 22-24, pp. 290-293.

National Journals, Conferences and Proceedings

  • Yingchaloenkitkhajorn K. and Ukritchon B., (2013), “Three-Dimensional Tunnel Face Stability in Clay whose shear strength increases linearly with depth”  Proceeding of the 18th National Convention on Civil Engineering, May 8-10, The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand, pp. GTE43-50 (in Thai),Professor Dr. Chai Muktabhant Foundation AWARD 2013.
  • Matanang M, Yingchaloenkitkhajorn K., Jaruma A., and Teerawattanasuk C., (2008), "Software in pocket personal computer for building inspection"  Proceeding of IRPUS 6/2008, Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok, Thailand. (in Thai), IRPUS AWARD 2008.