Concrete Technology Laboratory


Compressive strength of cement mortar testing equipment


Abrasion of coarse aggregate testing equipment



Tension strength of cement mortar testing equipment


Gradation of aggregates by sieve analysis equipment

              The objective of concrete laboratory is to determine the physical properties of building construction materials like cement, fine and coarse aggregate, steel, wood, and strength characteristics of cement mortar, plain cement concrete and reinforced cement concrete. The example of needed equipment is listed as following: (a) specific gravity of cement (b) plastic limit of cement paste (c) strength of mortar (d) specific gravity of fine aggregate (e) specific gravity of coarse aggregate (f) abrasion of coarse aggregate (g) Air entrainment in fresh concrete (h) slump of concrete (i) flow test of fresh concrete (j) compaction of fresh concrete (k) Compressive and bending strength of hardened concrete (l) sieve analysis (m) Concrete Impermeability Apparatus, and (o) Concrete Mixer