Post Training Activity of Undergraduate Students of the Academic Year 2014

           The Student Development Affair, College of Industrial Technology and Management, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya, held the Post Training Activity for the 4th year undergraduate students of the academic year 2014 at The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion Building (Chalermprakiat Building) on the Wednesday of 27th May 2015. The purposes of this activity were to provide the guidelines of job interview preparation, to promote students  confidence in working as well as to suide the graduates abunt their future career paths.

            Assistant Professor Dr. Kwanhatai Jaipiem, Director of College of Industrial technology and Management was the chairperson for this activity. There were also an administrative team, lecturers, personnel and many giving the lecture students gathered in the event. The instructor were Miss Ingorn Khaicharoen, an alumnae of CIM for abunt factors affecting working success, job interview and working life to prepare for the perspective graduates from CIM.

            The second instructor was Mr. Suttidate Katemee an alumnus of CIM (General Management Programme) talked about his working experience to the next generation in order to prepare the participants to adjust themselves in their future working life.